Imagine if you were able to sell your home faster, net a higher price, and you didn't need to...

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By: Ryan Ponce On: August 20, 2019 In: Advice Comments: 0

A market analytics firm, Collateral Analytics, did extensive research on the actual cost of using an iBuyers and the...

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Downtown San Diego buildings ranked by using several different factors. See how each building ranks based on the 92101...

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By: Ryan Ponce On: November 19, 2018 In: Advice, Lifestyle Comments: 0

Southern California was hit with the worst wildfires in our state's history. The Windermere Foundation is donating $25k to...

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By: Ryan Ponce On: September 28, 2018 In: Advice, Downtown San Diego, Lifestyle Comments: 0

Let's be honest - real estate agents don't have the best reputation. Have you ever thought about why that...

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By: Favio Ortega On: July 20, 2018 In: Advice Comments: 0

The Home Buying process can be tricky to navigate on your own. Click here to learn what to to...

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Downtown San Diego buildings ranked based on average sales price, neighborhoods, number of transactions and price per square foot....

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By: Ryan Ponce On: March 28, 2017 In: Advice, Downtown San Diego Comments: 0

As your agent, it is my job to get you the best offer possible. The buyer's agent using a...

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Don't get me wrong, I do not enjoy the actual act of running, but when you have beautiful scenery...

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By: Lauren Lee On: January 19, 2017 In: Advice, Lifestyle Comments: 0

With the New Year, homeowners have taken this time to re-do and update their homes with the latest trends!...

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Clients often ask me what my favorite building is, which is a very difficult question to answer. I decided...

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By: Ryan Ponce On: October 31, 2016 In: Downtown San Diego Comments: 0

There is a major shortage of homes in Downtown San Diego, with only 152 homes on the market. Where...

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